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Super Princess Peach

So I thought I would take pictures of Peach and her new moves for anyone who hasn’t got the game.

Happy singing Peach. She can fly!

Angry Peach. Her flames burn through bridges!

Blooper is BACK! (groan)

Peach is a nifty girl. She turns her umbrella into a boat! “Why would I want to get my darling pink dress wet?”

Her umbrella closes on her. (ouch!)

The ass slide is back! Peach style!

Mr Umbrella turns into a handy cart for grinding down rails

Happy laughing Peach

Peach in pain… oh no! ;_;

Jigsaw mini game. Manipulate the puzzle pieces at the bottom with your stylus to make a Peachy pic!

Level complete! Well done Peach!

Posing after a job well done

Rock Star Peach!

‘Sexy’ looking Peach!

Feeling sleepy by the campfire (with a snoring umbrella!)

Peach turns her umbrella into a SUBMARINE! (Is there anything she can’t do?)

Hope you liked these ^_^
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